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Sustainability Our People and Our Purpose That is Our Difference

Our Definition of Sustainability

For us, sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present while leaving the world a better place for the future. Sustainability is at the heart of our business, from the products we make to the way we make them. We’re committed to considering the future in the decisions we make today, and working to expand our handprint while we reduce our footprint.

We’ve come a long way on our sustainability journey, and we’re eager to continue our efforts. As we embark on our third set of long-term sustainability goals, we have broadened our perspective.

Group of people tilling dirt

2019 Sustainability Report

Our 14th annual sustainability report highlights our progress and our Environmental, Social, and Governance commitments. It’s full of stories about how our employees make a difference and data that reflects our successes and our opportunities.

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2030 Sustainability Goals

We are committed to considering the future in all we do, with a commitment to care for people and the planet while delivering a material difference to all stakeholders.

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Monthly Feature Leading Through Our Purpose Health and Safety: Shared Responsibility

Geoff Walter, corporate safety director, writes about how Owens Corning’s safety culture supports employees’ health and wellbeing during a global pandemic.

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Recent News

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Building A Net-positive Organization

We invite you to learn more about our aspiration to be a net-positive company, our progress toward our goals, and our commitments.

Message from our CEO
Owens Corning CEO Brian Chambers and Chief Sustainability Officer Frank O'Brien Bernini

Guiding Aspirations for Sustainability at Owens Corning

As we work toward 2030 and beyond, we have aligned our goals and commitments to fulfill our purpose. Our purpose inspires us to intensify our efforts to help our employees and their families get and stay healthy. It drives us to incorporate focused Inclusion and Diversity goals for the first time and creates the expectation that we lead in the circular economy and expand our business impact through sustainability.

The increased scope and ambition of our 2030 sustainability goals will be met with rigor, and a focus on outcomes – and will require the engagement and ownership of our entire company to be successful.

Our 2030 guiding aspiration is to:

  • double the positive impact of our products;
  • halve the negative impact of our operations;
  • eliminate injuries and improve the quality of life for our employees and their families;
  • advance our inclusion and diversity;
  • and have a positive impact on our communities.

We are committed to considering the future in all we do, with a commitment to care for people and the planet while delivering a material difference to all stakeholders.

2030 Sustainability Goals